• Hardwood Floorsd are in place. Sanding will continue for 3 more days, Finish is following behind with a Hard Wax Installation of the Built in place cabinetry (FSC_ Certified 93 %) is 70 % completed and being finished with a combination of Flax Seed and Tung Oil.
  • Hardwood Floor Arrived. It has been acclimating inside the house for 72 Hrs. Hardwood Floor moisture content is at 5%~7%. Radiant Floor has been on at a constant 70Degrees F. for the last 5 weeks. Relative Humidity is at comfort range fluctuating between 50%+ ~ 60%. Interior Stair treads are being oiled and the Exterior Stair treads are being cut to size. Installation of all cabinetry continues tomorrow. Floors will be installed starting Monday.

  • T Minus 10,9,8... Our deadline is getting closer and closer. Cabinetry (All FSC Certified Plywood 90+%) is Being Installed, Flooring is on hold MALDITA SEA! ( FSC Certified Cumaru T&G), Doors are all being Hung and Lighting is being finalized.

  • Siding is 70% complete. Second floor exterior balcony walls still need rainscreen also rest of garage exterior.

  • Standing Seam Metal Cladding is 100% complete.

    Siding is 55% complete.

    Concrete Tile Floor is 100% complete. Second floor engineered hardwood floor ( FSC Certified) is arriving at the end of this week. Installation will be over a .25" thick layer of cork. Adhesion will be Zero(0)-VOC & Zero-Solvent adhesive.

  • We continue installing the rainscreen as exterior wall system and began work installing the standing seam cladding (Ultra-cool metal coating technology SR 28.90, E .84, SRI 28) along the south and west face of the second floor exterior planters.

  • A second coat of water based penetrating sealer will be applied to the concrete tiles before the sanded grout is in place and later followed by a carnauba wax finish.

  • Custom GFRC Concrete Tiles are now being installed over the Scluter-DITRA uncoupling Layer, waterproofing mambrane, and vapor management layer that accomodates moisture from beneath the covering. Production by a Local (within 500 miles) manufacturer who uses recycled water and recycled aggregate in all precast concrete products. tiles have been pre-sealed before installation with water based penetrating sealer. The sacrificial layer will be a natural carnauba wax water based emulsion.

    Rainscreen Siding (FSC-Certified Muiracatiara) begins to be installed throughout the house; areas where the Exterior Slabs will be (Entry and rear patio) will be completed first.
  • All Vertical Battens have been screwed onto the exterior Sheathing @ 2'-0" O.C. with 316 Type Stainless Steel Screws on Battens @ 8"O.C.. Also, the Vent/Barrier strips have been attached to tops and bottoms of Battens to drain moisture; promote convective airflow without intrusion from insects/pests behind siding and in between battens.

    Screen/ Vent @ Window Sill/ Jamb Condition

    Concrete Floor Tile Uncoupling membrane over radiant and structural floor system.

  • We finished exterior waterproofing the Garage & Accessory Living Quarters and passed inspection. Now we will install all the vertical battens on exterior walls as in the main house.

    Concrete Tile Floors are next; Schlutter DITRA underlayment system will be installed over Warmboard Subfloor ASAP it is an uncoupling layer to avoid cracks on the concrete tile.